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Conservation Section of this Library has been functioning since August 1980. The main functions of this Sections are as follows:

  • To keep the Manuscripts, Books, Cupboards, Show cases etc., clean.
  • To restore damaged books and manuscripts.
  • To preserve the manuscripts from deterioration.
» Cleaning

The Manuscript cupboards are cleaned twice a year and therein kept insect repellents and indigenously prepared insect repellent mixture i.e., Sweet flag, Pepper, Black cumin, Bark of Cinnamon, Cloves with Camphor. Dried neem leaves are also used as Insect repellent.

The Palm leaves are periodically cleaned and smeared with Citronella oil (an extract of Citrus grass) which will give flexibility to leaves and it also acts as repellent to insects. If the manuscript is not legible, then the lamp soot mixed with Citronella oil will be used for making the letters clear.

» Guarding

Teak woods reapers are fixed on both sides of the Palm leaf manuscripts to safe guard them from damages. Similarly, paper manuscripts are protected with acid free hand made board after getting them repairing and fumigating them.

» Rebinding

Rare books are deacidified, repaired and rebound according to the condition of the books. Paintings, drawings and maps are also dust cleaned, repaired and strengthened for preservation.


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