This Library is a reference Library and hence Books and documents are not lent. There is no membership subscription fee for using this Library material. But only bonafide scholars will get copies of the books. Card catalogue, typed register catalogue and printed descriptive catalogue for manuscripts are available in the reference section for the consultation of the readers.

This Library is also rendering the following services to Research Scholars at a nominal cost fixed by the board:

» Transcribing service

For Bonafide Scholars this Library render handwritten copy of Manuscripts through the trained copyist with the nominal rate fixed by the Board of Governors Library time to time.

» Transliteration

In this Library, some to the Sanskrit, Telugu and Marathi Manuscripts are written in different scripts. For Bonafide scholars this Library render transliteration services through the trained Pandits with the nominal cost.

» Consultation

For bonafide Scholars this Library Pandits and other Experts render guidance and supply information for their Research.

» Reprography services
  • Xeroxing : The Library supplies the Xerox copes to the Scholars and Readers at a Cost of 1 rupee per page of selected pages from the printed books for their research.
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