The Library not only has books and manuscripts but also rare maps, atlases and historically important documents. The atlases and maps preserved in this Library are more important. Most of them were collected and purchased by Raja Serfoji. They were compiled with Survey materials in land and sea. These materials dealt with ancient historical, geographical details, sea routes, political divisions, ancient names and their boundaries etc.

The oldest printed book available in this Library is an atlas dated back to 1692, 1693 and 1696.

A map of India entitled as a map of Hindoostan or the Moghul Empire from the latest authorities inscribed to Sir. Joseph Banks Bart President of Royal Society, which was produced by Mr. J. Rennel, a pioneer in map making on 1st January 1788. The original print of the map (112c.m x 106c.m) is available in this Library. In this map the coast Tamilnadu and some portions extended up to Ongole in Andhra Pradesh are referred as Carnatic. Hence the music flourished in this region is called as Carnatic music.


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