My visit to the Library has been a thrilling experience. The collection of books and manuscripts is amazing and even a superficial journey through these leaves an indelible impression on one's mind.  I congratulate the librarian and his staff on their wonderful work in preserving our heritage and spreading it to the present generation.

W. I. DEVARAM, I. P. S.,
Superindent of Police , Tanjavur.


Went round this unique institution again and was much delighted to see the new setting particularly of the exhibition material. The publications also are very useful though selective.

Retired Director, Archaeological Survey of India.


 I am particularly interested in the flower paintings executed by Serfoji'.s artists and would hope that the Sarasvati Mahal Library would publish these.  They seem to be of the same collection as those of animals and birds in the India Office published by Mr.Mildred Archer.

School of Oriental & African Studies,
University of London, W.C.I.U.K.


Magnificent collections of invaluable worth.  This University of books deserves to be maintained with utmost care.  I find the office bearers of the library committee, each learned in himself, are devoting great interest in the preservation of this library. I wish some of the rare books and cudjan leaves are published for the lasting benefit of the public.  With my best wishes.

Chief Justice, Madras High Court.


It  was a  revelation  to  me  what  I saw at  the library and  Art gallery.   I am surprised that there has been no further advance in art, culture and literature for more than a century.

Judge, High Court, Madras.


It was a great privilege to be shown round this ancient and  renowned library by so kind and courteous a guide as the librarian himself.

(Descendant of the famous Poet Wordsworth)


I was extremely delighted to find a large number of rare collections and books in manuscript as well as in print in the Sarasvati Mahal Library, Thanjavur.  The Assistant-Librarian was good enough to explain tome the implications and meanings of some of the ancient collections.  A good deal of research may be done in several branches of human knowledge so that frontiers of our learning and knowledge may be expanded and widened.  A Library containing so many rare collections situated in a district town is indeed amazing and needs encouragement in everyway.

Chief Election Commissioner of India,


It has been wonderful to visit this famous library and get to know Pandit Devanathachariya and the Assistant Librarian Shiralan.

S.A. Srinivasan
Indological Leminas, Hamburg, West Germany.


It is a memorable experience to visit this priceless treasure-house of learning and art and to know that it is looked after with so much care and love. One would wish that government and philanthropic minded citizens would provide it with all the facilities necessary to protect it against the climate etc., and render it safe for posterity.

Director, Adayar Library & Research Centre,


A most extraordinary collection of old books and paintings—interesting chapters in Indian history are revealed through this collections.

Area Director,
International Library Office.


Sarasvati Mahal Library is well-known to the Library world and as such asa Librarian I can't miss it whenever I pass through the place.It is worth visiting and spend few hours in this great Library,  for, I have enriched myself at each visit, I have made.I hope, all the manuscripts of the country are brought here on the Library
and make it as a National manuscripts Library of the country.

Prof. M.R.Kumbhan,
Prof. & Head of the Dept. of Lib.Sc.
Karnataka University


It was a most thrilling experience for the National Archives (Towards FreedomUnit) team to visit this Library which has Indeed one of the most fascinating collection of books, records, manuscripts, paintings and pictures.  We were equally impressed by the dedication of the staff and the unfailing courtesy with which visitors are shown round.  We wish them and the management of the Institution all luck in continuing their good work.

National Archives of India,
Govt. of India, Janpath,
New Delhi-110 001.


I and my wife had the good fortune of visiting this remarkable and historic collection of rare manuscripts and books to-day.   It was a brief visit but we were greatly impressed by the wide range of the collection which must contain much historical and literary research material. The Library deserve all the support It is getting and more.

Adviser to Governor,


Thank you for showing the unique collection, we wish you well in all you are doing here.

International Vice-President of the
Theosophical Society, Adayar.


A superb and monumental relic of the literature and I ask of the great day of India's past.  Open to all, and assembles to scholar throughout the world.
A marvelous place.

American Embassy,
New Delhi.


I am excited to see wonderful treasure of rare manuscripts and books. This Library is a place of pride of the Nation. We must make efforts to preserve it, propagate good things from it and see that advantage is taken by scholars and students.

His Excellency
The Governor of Tamilnadu.


I have to come to very historical place with sculpture and books a wonderful page of Indian History and Culture.

Deputy Prime Minister,


This is indeed a great shrine of our heritage. It is a matter of great satisfaction that everyone here is viewing it with veneration and devotion and contributing his or her best for its preservation.

Chief Election Committee


It is a most interesting experience to visit this library. We were indeed educated about the important work being done regarding the preservation of ancient documents and manuscripts. The hard work and dedication of the Director and all the members of the staff is self evident.

B.N. Kirpal,
Judge, Delhi High Court


A very interesting and impressive visit which demonstrated a true dedication to caring for a treasure- house of written culture.  Grateful thanks to all concerned who took so much trouble to post myself and my colleagues

John E.Mc. INTYRE,
Head of Preservation
National Library of  Scotland.


I am highly impressed by library administration and its officer’s enthusiasm. I found unique Library in India. The valuables of our ancient culture and literature are pressed by this library. I hope these assets will be helpful to our young scholars in their research work.

High Court of Ahemedabad.

The Members of Cauvery River  Disputes Tribunal Had a very pleasant and instructive interlude when they visited this great Library and the adjoining museum.  We were struck by wonder when we saw the range of the collections.  We hope we shall again visit this place and have some time to spend here.

Thanking you,


We thank all staff for giving us the fine opportunity to visit this magnificent Library. Such a visit .helped us to better understand rich culture and history of Indian people and appreciate the effort for preserving these old manuscripts and publications. If we didn't visit the Library we would  have a  feeling that we have missed something very interesting and Important In Thanjavur.   We wish you all success in your further work.

Mr. & Mrs. A.N. KHLYSTAR.
UNICEF, Madras.

I am very deeply Impressed by the collection of your Library. After coming back to  Moscow to my Institute — Institute of Oriental Studies of USSR Academy of Sciences - I will recommend my colleagues - specialists in ancient India - to pay visit specially to Thanjavur.

Institute of Oriental Studies,

Thank you for your helpful introduction to your rich historical collection of both printed and manuscript books. Your continuing publications are important contributions to knowledge over a wide range of subjects.

Department of Indian Studies,
University of Malbourns, Parkuille,

Victoria, 3052, Australia.

Dear Shri Gopala lyengar,
         I extend my grateful thanks to you for the trouble you have taken yesterday to explain the details of ancient manuscripts in Tamil, Telugu and Marathi languages in respect of Medicine, Art, Science, Philosophy and other various subjects preserved by Serfoji Rao Maharaja of Tanjore in the  16th century  or so. I am happy that these valuable documents have been preserved through ages which throw light on the life of Indians and the ancient History. The services of the scholars like you are quite essential in the Library to create an impression in the mind of the visitors. In fact the visitors are led by your explanation and take more and more interest to know all the aspects of the exhibits and I am happy about it.
         I also congratulate the Trustees of the Library for their service to maintain it in perfect condition.  Kindly convey my best wishes to the members of the staff of your Library.

With kind regards, yours sincerely,
Lieutenant Governor , Raj Nivas, Pondicherry.

I am deeply touched by the dedicated service rendered by the Director Mr. Sadasivam and every member of his staff.  Their good work is reflected in every inch of this Mahal.  May the Almighty be with them to continue their invaluable service for time out of mind.

I.G. of Police, Tamilnadu.

It  is always a pilgrimage to  the  shrine  of the  Goddess of Learning that is accomplished when visiting the Sarasvati Mahal Library, a great treasure-house of books on every aspect of Indian study and culture.  The affection with which visitors are received leaves a deep impression of great satisfaction of happy hours spent in it.

Director, National Musem, New Delhi.


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